Summerizing and Winterizing

PRO TECH POOLS, INC. supplies expert seasonal services for all your pool needs.

Our APSP (Association of Pool and Spa Professionals) trained technicians will summerize, winterize, maintain, and repair your pool to the recommended specifications of the association. Their trained eye will point out possible safety issues, necesary repairs, and pool upgrades which can save time, money, and resourses.

Some of the seasonal services we offer are:


Let our technicians give your pool a start to the new season, ensuring your pool is properly assembled, chemically adjusted, and running efficiently.


Our trained technicians will winterize your pool at the end of the season, ensuring your pool is properly cared for and preventing winter damage due to cold and ice.

At the summerization and winterization, all pool equipment/accessories are serviced as requested & may incur additional charges. These accessories include, but are not limited to, heaters, heat pumps, polaris, waterfalls, solar system, etc.


Our experience shows that every pool is unique and has requirements governed by pool surroundings, age, use, equipment, etc. For this reason, every pool’s water is tested and adjusted as needed, and charged accordingly. In addition, pricing for all services is based on your pool and takes into account size, location, and accessories so that you aren’t charged for service you may not need.

*Additional Charges apply for chemicals and repairs/parts

Contact PRO TECH POOLS, INC. at 631-473-POOL (7665) for pricing and information on our services