Pool Heating Solutions

Many homeowners seek solutions for heating their swimming pool and extending their swimming season, as well as maintaining a more comfortable swimming environment. In response to this demand, the pool industry has created solutions to fit every budget.

From a simple addition of a solar cover to the more elaborate system incorporating both propane heater and Heat pump together, let PRO TECH POOLS sales staff help you to find a heating solution that meets your budget. Our trained sales staff will help sift through the various options, pointing out the most reliable equipment to assist you in making the most informed decision for your pool.

Here are some options to consider.

AquaCal Heat Pump:

The Heat Pump is the best solution for maintaining a consistently heated pool with the lowest output of money to you. The industry has been making strides in improving the preformance of heat pumps in recent years and continues to be the leader in preformance technology. A heat pump is more cost effective because it uses natures “free heat” from the air to heat your pool water. When Heat Pumps intinially came on the scene, they were not a good choice here in the northeast because they needed ambient temperatures near 50 degrees F to begin working. The technology of today offers heating efficiency in temperatures as low as in the 30’s F. The heat pump uses electricity to transfer the heat, not to create it, making the heat pump the most economical, safe, and trouble-free way to heat your pool.

AquaCal Heat Pumps offer these benefits:

Titanium heat exchanger which comes with a lifetime warranty
Microprocessor controlled with digital display with on-board self diagnostics
Scroll processor with state of the art technology
Highest efficiency
Quietest operation with unsurpassed reliability
Corrosion proof cabinet (rust proof, fade proof, impact resistant)
ICEBREAKER model extends swimming season longer than any others
ICEBREAKER can be programmed to cool your pool in extreme heat
Uses no fossil fuel for operation making it environmentally friendly
Works well in conjunction with the new variable speed pumps

Sta-Rite Max-E-Therm Heater:

This fast-heating heater allows you to extend your pool season by making it irresistible on cool nights. Max-E-Therm heaters offers you the latest advances from Sta-Rite including smart electronics, increased energy efficiency and a rust-proof exterior.

Max-E-Therm Heaters offer these benefits:

Energy efficient
Dura-Glas housing will not corrode and stands rough against harsh weather
Easy to read
Faster warming of your pool and spa


Solar covers are an economical heating choice for those that are on a limited budget. You can choose to use a solar cover without the reel system. In this case, most homeowners use the “fan-fold” method to remove the cover, and store it until ready to use again. Many homeowners use this in conjunction with other heating options such as heat pumps and heaters to minimize the heat loss at cooler times of the day and night, thus giving them a cost savings. The solar reel system gives the homeowner greater ease of removing and replacing the pool cover.

A Word About Solar Heating Systems:

Because of the complexity and specialty of solar heating systems, PRO TECH POOLS recommends contacting a company specializing in Solar Pool Heating.

Contact PRO TECH POOLS, INC. at (631)-473-POOL (7665) Speak to a sales consultant to help determine the heating system that works for you.