AutoPilot Salt Systems

Auto Pilot Salt Chlorine Generators and Sanitizing Systems

Pool Pilot Digital Benefits:

  • Never buy chlorine again
  • Simple to use No more red eyes
  • No more itchy skin
  • No more faded swimwear
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Automatic cell cleaning
  • No more damaged hair
  • No more vacation worries
  • Energy efficient
  • Soft, silky feeling water


Add the Benefits of the Copilot Ozonator:

  • Destroys up to 99.99% of microorganisms in your pool
  • Extremely efficient sanitizer
  • Advanced oxidation process
  • Corona discharge generates 4-5 times higher ozone than UV lamps
  • Environmentally friendly – Uses 70-90% less electricity than UV lamps
  • Superior sanitization and water clarity
  • Reduction of chlorine usage extends the cell life
  • Reliable and energy efficient
  • Kills bacteria, viruses, cysts, yeasts, molds, & mildew
  • Kills cryptosporidium & giardia (salt alone cannot kill these)


Add the benefits of a Total Control System:

  • No more manually adding Acid and adjusting your PH levels
  • No more water chemistry worries
  • Total control pool chemistry controller works with pool pilot digital
  • Stenner acid pump and tank system works with total control system
  • Maintaining proper PH levels protects your pool from premature repairs


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