Annual Maintenance Package


Pro Tech Pools ultimate service is the ANNUAL MAINTENANCE PACKAGE. This premium product is the culmination of many years’ experience in the Swimming Pool Industry. We have coupled the company’s collective knowledge with the most requested services from our valued customers, and created an ANNUAL MAINTENANCE PACKAGE which makes your pool virtually maintenance free to you.

Here are some of the highlights of this package:

Spring Pre-Summerization Service:

This service was fashioned to help prevent the algae and bacteria build up that happens in the pool in the winter and early spring before you open your pool

Summerize & Winterize Pool/Spa:

Allow Pro Tech Pools to maximize your pools efficiency with the work preformed by our highly trained technicians

Weekly Vacuum/Maintenance:

Allow Pro Tech Pools to keep your pool sparkling clean throughout the season

Winter Care:

For Loop Loc Covers:

This service was fashioned to help maintain your pools water level and water chemistry

For Solid Covers:

This service was fashioned to help maintain the water and leaves on top of the cover

*This service will be maintained approximately once per month until the pool freezes*

Advantages of an ANNUAL Maintenance PACKAGE:

  • Maintenance and worry-free for the homeowner
  • All summerizing/winterizing, maintenance chemicals are included
  • All Chemicals are fresh from the manufacturer each year
  • No need for you to store or handle chemicals/can be a hazard if used improperly
  • Discounted service rate of over 30% off for services not covered
  • 2 special “anytime” maintenances for special party dates, etc.
  • Flexible payment options, including 7% discount for paid in full packages
  • Expert water chemistry analysis with on-site computerized equipment
  • Emergency visits if necessary

Please Note:

Our philosophy is that each pool is individual, and has individual requirements governed by weather, pool surroundings, pool usage, environmental chemicals, etc. We give your pool the unique attention it deserves. In addition, pools come in so many shapes and sizes with equipment that varies considerably. Pro Tech Pools, Inc. does not include routine repairs in the maintenance pricing. All repairs are charged additionally. We feel this ensures that you get the service your pool requires while minimizing unnecessary charges.

CONTACT PRO TECH POOLS, INC. at 631-473-POOL (7665) for pricing and availability of this priority service