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Automatic Cover


For the ultimate safety protection barrier, consider an automatic safety cover. Nothing replaces a caregiver's watchful eye when it comes to your children and the backyard pool, however, the automatic safety cover gives you peace of mind when the pool is not in use. Controlled by a keyed switch, the cover creates a childproof barrier when fully extended on the pool. If your child or pet happens onto the cover, the cover is secured on a special track, and it will keep them safely out of the water.

In addition to the safety benefits, these covers conserve resourses. Because they enclose the pool entirely when not in use, there is little evaporation, much less loss of chemicals lowering chemical demands, and less exposure to the elements saving running time and keeping the pool cleaner. This offsets the initial cost of the safety covers, which can be substantial.

These covers are typically installed at the installation of your pool, however, they can be retrofitted to any existing pool.


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